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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


  1. Did Oprah have a happy childhood? How do you know?
  2. Was Sidney Poitier an inspiring for her? How?

1.Yes my father influenced me like Sidney Poitier influenced Oprah Winfrey. He always advices me to be a better man and try to catch my ambition eventhough there is many obstacles.

2. two 'enormous obstacles'
I. She was born to unwed teenage parents and living in a segregated society.
II. She suffered physical and mental abuse from family members and friends of her family.

3. She was raised by her grandmother at at farm in rural area at Missisippi.

4. Oprah has an empathy towards the other because she realizes that her past is same like them. She is trying to make those people out from suffering by doing a charity work for them. Her determination to help for those in need out there because she had a wake up call from god that pursue her help them. 

5.  I am very grateful for Sidney Poitier to write such a good article.This is wake up call for all of us. Sidney Poitier write this because Oprah Winfrey is a good role model for every one because even tough  Oprah raised in rural area, she still have an alternative to struggling for life. Nowadays, all people around the world's recognize her not because she have a lot of money and assets, but because her inspired lifestyle that come from a very poor girl to a richest female celebirity in the worlds and becoming a prominent figure for youth.

6. Yes. of course I LIKE AND LOVE HER. she loved people to. I like her TV programme. She such an inspirations for me. I i could, i want to success as how successful are her today's. Her efforts and determination through a couples of decade made her a successful woman. I do admit that my life influenced a little bit by her. 

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